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Visual Artist Monica Aissa Martinez:Made In Arizona

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State Of The Art: Monica Aissa Martinez
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the ebb and flow

phoenix downtown, relationships, the ebb and flow

New Mexico State Univeristy, Art Five

Roberta Burnett, Special for the AZ Republic, 2005

One show is the riotously antic, articulate show of paintings by Monica Aissa Martinez. This colorful, well-designed art seems to cavort through paper and canvas, with two humanoid abstractions (of assorted and combined cocktail glasses, beakers, squiggly lines) showing the convolutions of humans' pairing-game. While whimsical, Martinez's show is beautifully designed and painted, with a message built in - partnering may look hilarious, but it has serious, even threatening dimensions.

the world stage, a play in finite acts

The World Stage,
a play in finite acts


AZ Republic article

El Paso Times article

David Sokolec, GlassTire, texas visual arts on line, 2004

Monica Aisa Martinez gives us her take on Virtue and Vice. Individual portrayals of various sins and virtues are bookended by the opening and closing acts of a theater set introducing her characters. First is The World Stage — a Play in Finite Acts, in which the characters, distorted cartoonish creatures, greet us from the footlights. Gluttony, for instance, is forever feeding herself and we see within her stomach slices of pizza, sandwiches, etc. Then each vice and virtue has its own portrait with thoughts on what might give rise to that vice or virtue, written on and around the canvas. Finally, there is The Final Curtain Call — The All That I Am. All of the characters again take their final bows: there is a woman balancing on a globe, someone levitating on a magic carpet, and a repeated figure throughout the piece who holds up books entitled justice, temperance and fortitude. The distorted characters makes one think of Hieronymus Bosch with dialogue and cartoons for our times, an interesting new exploration of a very old subject.


triumph of our communities book

Triumph of our Communities

triumph of our communities dvd



chicano art for our millennium book

Chicano Art for Our Millenium

chicano/a art volume 1

Contemporary Chicana and Chicano Art,

Volume l and ll

latino art community

latino art community


'99 Cups

Joshua Rose, Cups Runneth Over, Tribune, 1999

Martinez, who recently had her first solo show at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, also is fascinated by the idea of the cup because she sees the human form as being a type of vessel. Her work in the show-My Cup Runneth Over and Source- are painted with egg tempera and casein, on paper, and deal with these same issues.

"I am always thinking about people as containers and how the anatomy works that way,"Martinez says. "And I'm also influenced by this idea of electricity and physics and how it relates to the energy found in human beings."

queen of cups

élan vital

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scottsdale art gallery guide

gallery guide

bride and groom

The Bride and Groom

Linda A. McAllister, Senior Curator, Here and Now: Arizona Contemporary Artists, Part 1 ASU, Nelson Fine Arts Center, 1996

The human body is also the primary subject of Monica Aissa Martinez' small painting. She portrays our bodies as fantastic little factories, maybe tiny sex breweries, in a series of works about brides and grooms. Her blend of dream and science harks back to the early work of Mark Rothko (Slow Swirl on the Edge of the Sea, 1944) or Arshile Gorky's surrealistic series of paintings about human desire and fate (The Betrothal, l and The Betrothal, ll, both from 1947). The humor and small scale of her art make it more about celebration and less about the pain we see in Rothko and Gorky. Martinez says the experience of her recent marriage prompted her to explore the topic of who and what we are in a male/female union. Fascinated by the look of scientific detail in botanical and biological drawings, Martinez treats the figure to a revamping that includes ribbons and champagne glasses. The bodies take on the form of laboratory glasswork. The details in her work hold our attention long enough for us to realize the sly humor of lifting the lid off the marital sacrament to reveal the delightfully intricate plumbing that makes the whole process pump.

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